School Times

Pupils at the school are rewarded at the end of each year with certificates for 100% attendance.

The School Day

Pupils start school at 9.00am and continue until 3.20pm.

The school day for pupils is structured as follows:

Timetable School Opens Morning Interval Lunch Interval School Closes
Pupils09.00am10.30-10.50amP1-3 12.15-1.15pm P4-7 12:30-1:30pm3.20pm

For the first four weeks of their first term, P1 pupils finish at 12.30 pm each day. Parents should note that the Authority does not provide separate transport to take account of early closure for infants. In cases where pupils are not within walking distance, or parents are unable to arrange for their collection, the pupils will be retained in the school under teacher supervision until the normal closing time.